We appreciate that visiting a surgical consultant can be a stressful experience for our patients.  We hope you had a positive experience while visiting our facility, if however you feel we would benefit from a better understanding of cultural sensitivity or we could do things differently that would make you feel more at ease we would like to hear from you.

Email us with feedback or write to us at:  Feedback, Grace Orthopaedic Centre, Private Bag 12506, TAURANGA 3143


Your rights under the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumer Rights applies to all our services. Under this Code you have a right to:

  • Respect
  • Fair Treatment
  • Dignity and Independence
  • Proper Standards
  • Communication
  • Information
  • It’s Your Decision
  • Support
  • Teaching and Research
  • Complaints

For further information on these rights please see their website on www.hdc.org.nz